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Commander Rott: International Peace Missions

Lieutenant Colonel Rott is the Commander of the 24th "infantry" battalion in Lienz (photo by Inasa Bibic)

Lieutenant Colonel Rott is the Commander of the 24th “infantry” battalion in Lienz (photo by Inasa Bibic)

Upon the arrival from the Native Spirit camp, our participants yesterday spent two three-hour-long sessions with Commander Rott – on the topic of Peace Support Operations.

Lieutenant Colonel Bernd Rott, our lecturer and Commander at the Lienz military camp, started by presenting the war situation in Afghanistan (as a case-study) – through a series of images and stories that were covered by different media channels in this region. His goal was to incite the participants to discover different realities and layers in the war zone by themselves – from who the major players in the war are, to different needs of the population there. What is the story that lies behind an image?

After fruitful group discussions, Commander Rott continued by talking more about warfare, military hierarchy, the UN, difference between peacemaking/keeping/building and answering the multitude of professional, as well as personal, questions of our participants on the structure of army and what it means to be a soldier. Rott’s goal was to foster a general understanding for the military role, as well as its related capacities and limitations. By the number of qualitative and thought-through questions our participants rose, it can be concluded that his aim was very much met with curiosity, as well as the willingness to critically think and learn about the military matters.

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