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Fire Fighters for a Day

On Saturday, August 9th, our young actors for peace took part in role-play training with Feuerwehr Imst – local Fire Fighters’ Brigade in Imst. The training was coordinated by the Red Cross Imst, and included interaction with the police – the unavoidable actor in most of everyday accidents. After the an introductory session to the work of the fire fighting brigade in the morning, the participants spent their afternoon (1) extinguishing fire, (2) abseiling, (3) learning ways to rescue the injured from locked cars, (4) ambulance procedures and (5) the role of the police in an accident. The training was organized in five stations, with group rotations every half an hour. This way, everyone could learn about all the previously-mentioned considerations in an accident.

The day was concluded with a simulation of an accident just outside of Imst. The simulation involved the fire fighters, ambulance cars, and the police altogether. Our participants got to play the injured in an abandoned car (which was later on disassembled). From getting the injured individuals to safety, and providing first aid, to extinguishing fire – the “Acting for Peace” community got to see a great deal of every step in the long post-accident procedure.

Many thanks to the Fire Fighters’s Brigade, the Red Cross, and the Police Department in Imst – for all their commitment to teaching/showing us their everyday work with patience and smiling faces!

Here are some of the glimpses of the atmosphere captured at the Fire Fighters’ Brigade on Saturday:

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