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Visit to the Imst Schützenheim

Founded in 1779, the Schützen cultural association is a part of the cultural life in Imst and the rest of the world. Their goal is to preserve the tradition and offer “a place of communication and an anchor in the modern society.” German word Schützen can be translated in different ways – it means both the shooters and the protectors (from Schutz – protection), according to our presenters. The Schützen were the shooters from the castle walls in the medieval times, a fighting brigade of the Tyrolean region in the war times – today, they are the preservers of the Tyrolean tradition. The Schützen association in Imst today counts 110 members – including men, women and children, from ages 7 to 81. 

The members of this community presented the tradition of the Schützen in traditional costumes (Lederhosen – leather pants – included), and prepared a small surprise for the participants: an opportunity to shoot with air guns, with the supervision of the Schützen of course, and no real danger for either the shooters or those next to them.

The visit to the Schützen was then concluded with a generous buffet full of Tyrolean goodies.”Acting for Peace” is thus very grateful for the hospitality of the Schützen in bringing their tradition closer to us – as in custom, so in food and drinks!

(photos by Inasa Bibic)

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