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Community Interaction I

A very important part of the “Acting for Peace” agenda is the Community Interaction with the local associations and institutions in Imst – meaning that our participants today had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with a number of locals concerning topics of history, tradition, migration and peace (amongst all others). The interviews with these associations were prepared beforehand – by our young actors for peace themselves, and were thought through methodologically, as well as content-wise. The outcomes of this conjoint dialogue will then serve as the basis for the preparation of the interactive theatre play on Thursday, which will be open to the Imst public and lead by Armin Staffler, a theatre artist and the director of spectACT (an association for political and social theatre).

Visits to local cultural and social hubs continue tomorrow, and will be followed by a reflective afternoon on the participants’ experiences and research outcomes.

Here is a few photographs from just a few of the places these young people visited today:

The complete list of the cultural and social associations from Imst engaged in today’s Community Interaction:
ISSBA Imst, Kinderhort + Spinnerei, Betagtenheim Sonnberg, Medalp Trofana Autobahn, Liederkranz Imst Musikschule Imst, Türk Kulturverein Atib auf Arzill, Rathaus Stadt Imst, Museum Ballhaus, Lions Club Imst/Telfs, Kirchen Kohr Imst, Hospiz Pflegeheim Imst Mitte, Fasnachtshaus Imst Oberstadt, SOS KINDERDORF, Flüchtlingshaus auf Arzill, and the Kinderschutz. 

We thank all of them for their cooperation and eagerness to have a fruitful discussion.

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