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Community Interaction II

Today our participants continued with the interviews under the Community Interaction part of the short course. Not overly distracted by the rainy conditions, they visited and interviewed eight different associations from 09:00-12:00 this morning:

Lebenshilfe Imst, Pflegedorf Imst Mitte, Roemisch Katholische Kirche Pfarrkirche, Caritas, Kameradschaft Vereinhaus Pfarrgasse, Kaiserschützen, ATF Türksicher Islamischer Sofikulturverein and Tupo Brennbichl. 

Tupo Brennbichl – socio-pedagogical living community for teenagers aged 13-18, who come from difficult family backgrounds

Kaiserschützen – Emperor’s “Schützen”

(photo by Gebhard Schatz)

(photo by Gebhard Schatz)

Kameradschaftsbund – keeping the memories of lost comrades from WWI and WWII alive  

(photo by Gebhard Schatz)

(photo by Gebhard Schatz)



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