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Abschlusspräsentation – “Theatre for Living”

And finally – last night was the moment we were all so eagerly waiting for this week! Under the guiding hand and facilitation of Armin Staffler, the participants of “Acting for Course” performed an interactive theatre piece that dealt with the topics of tradition, migration, abandonment, and repression.

The performance was structured as a dialogue between the actors and the audience – with Armin as the mediator between the two. As the idea for the structure of yesterday’s play was mostly based on the experiences participants had during the Community Interaction interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday, the concept of the play was to develop a new dialogue out of the outcomes of the previous one. This allowed our audience to join the process of transformation through dialogue, thereby reflecting on cultural and social topics that are an part of everyday life – as in Imst, so everywhere else.

Many thanks to all those who came to support us last night, to Armin Staffler for his marvelous work – and to our participants, without whom none of this could have been realized!

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