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The end is a moment to look back to the beginning of the short course efforts

Gebhard Schatz and Wolfgang Dietrich

Gebhard Schatz and Wolfgang Dietrich

Paul Müller with David Sutcliffe

Now, since the first UWC Short Course “Acting for Peace” is coming to an end, I believe it is time to tell the story of how such a great project started. The seed was sown when Nicole Müller got a scholarship to attend UWC of the Adriatic in Duino, Italy. In 2012, during one of her project weeks, she brought a group of UWC students to her hometown Imst. In many ways, the visit left its traces in the village. One of them was a beautiful graffiti just around the corner of the artist’s, Gebhard Schatz’, house. He felt so inspired by the young international visitors that he   started to investigate. Cooperation with Paul Müller, Nicole’s father, was the next step. The two of them were intrigued by the idea of starting an international educational project in Imst; the town which already is the cradle to another international movement that changed many children’s lives in a very positive way: the SOS children villages.

The Austrians with UWCAD Rector Mike Price

The Austrians with UWCAD Rector Mike Price

For the last two years, Paul Müller and Gebhard Schatz worked closely together. Led by their enthusiasm, they soon reached out to key persons – such as Dr. Franz Fischler and local politicians of the city of Imst – such as the Major Stefan Weirather – who promised to support the project. The two organisations, UWC Austria and the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck (which would be crucial in the realisation of the project), were very fast taken on board. Prof. DDr. Wolfgang Dietrich, who had formerly worked with Gebhard Schatz, was fascinated by the idea of working with teenagers on his field of specialization – conflict transformation. UWC Austria’s president Augusta Campagne offered her expertise and UWC network to arrange the selection of participants and tutors, do a great part of the preparatory work, coordination and logistics. The local team of Gebhard, Nicole and Paul did a great job to prepare everything in Imst for the participants of the short course.

Jessie, Nicole and Paul Müller and Gebi Schatz with Franz Fischler

Jessie, Nicole and Paul Müller and Gebi Schatz with Franz Fischler

Their close contact with social, cultural and political organisations, as well as with the LandwirtschaftlicheLehranstalt – the school that would host the course – made the very diverse programme possible. It also facilitated that the participants would have many opportunities to interact with the citizens of the town. Last but not least, it was thanks to the organisers in Imst that the short course was cordially welcomed wherever they participants went.

Thank you for your initiative, your will and enthusiasm!


Visit to the Imst Schützenheim

Founded in 1779, the Schützen cultural association is a part of the cultural life in Imst and the rest of the world. Their goal is to preserve the tradition and offer “a place of communication and an anchor in the modern society.” German word Schützen can be translated in different ways – it means both the shooters and the protectors (from Schutz – protection), according to our presenters. The Schützen were the shooters from the castle walls in the medieval times, a fighting brigade of the Tyrolean region in the war times – today, they are the preservers of the Tyrolean tradition. The Schützen association in Imst today counts 110 members – including men, women and children, from ages 7 to 81.  (more…)

Fire Fighters for a Day

On Saturday, August 9th, our young actors for peace took part in role-play training with Feuerwehr Imst – local Fire Fighters’ Brigade in Imst. The training was coordinated by the Red Cross Imst, and included interaction with the police – the unavoidable actor in most of everyday accidents. After the an introductory session to the work of the fire fighting brigade in the morning, the participants spent their afternoon (1) extinguishing fire, (2) abseiling, (3) learning ways to rescue the injured from locked cars, (4) ambulance procedures and (5) the role of the police in an accident. The training was organized in five stations, with group rotations every half an hour. This way, everyone could learn about all the previously-mentioned considerations in an accident.

The day was concluded with a simulation of an accident just outside of Imst. The simulation involved the fire fighters, ambulance cars, and the police altogether. Our participants got to play the injured in an abandoned car (which was later on disassembled). (more…)

Opening Ceremony in Local Press

Here is what the locals wrote about the Opening Ceremony of “Acting for Peace”, the first UWC short course in Austria: 
BB eröffnung

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s RS 6-7

First Aid Basics: How to help the patient?

After last night’s welcome and the introduction to the history of Red Cross at the Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz in Imst, today our participants are taking part in the First Aid workshop at the same place. An exciting day ahead!

Big thanks to the Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz for their work!

Below – some photos from our workshop at the Red Cross (so far):